This August 14, Become Independent with CHANGE

One of the most celebratory and festive days is just round the corner, which we – as a nation – celebrate with absolute joy and pride. It was the day when the dream of acquiring a separate state was fulfilled by Mr. M. A. Jinnah as he won Pakistan for us during the court sessions. Most often than not, we – The Pakistani Nation – wholeheartedly celebrate this day by wearing green and white; the colors of the Pakistani flag.

This year Pakistan will celebrate 71 years of independence, and to double the celebrations and the joy felt, Change Clothings is offering its patrons up to 50% off at all its outlets and also online at Since August 14th is a day to celebrate Independence, we thought we will celebrate it with our customers by extending vast discounts.

Adorn yourselves with embroidered clothes and Independence themed/designed attires on this 14th of August and make this day special with Change. Visit our website to check out the SALE

Happy Independence Day from the CHANGE Team

Augment Your Look with CHANGE

Admit it, young ladies; kurti is always the 'to-go' choice in every one of those what should I wear minutes. Whether it is your regular day to the office, an evening party; hanging out with friends, dinner with family, or a more formal meeting, it is sufficiently adaptable for both, the dressed-up and dressed-down look, and marks high on comfort.

The woman of today is highly cognizant of their look and style, therefore, CHANGE offers exclusive kurtis that will never go out of trend. Our kurtis are quite alluring with an increase in demands as we introduce new designs. Kurtis have been very much in fashion for the past era. Among a wide-ranging collection of newest and fashionable women apparel available these days, Ladies' Kurtis is one such desired outfit that you can never go wrong with in any event.

Explore the unique designs, feel the opulent comfort of the fabric and experiment with your look by letting CHANGE take charge of your wardrobe.
We have a diverse range of vibrant Kurtis for all seasons. The attention-grabbing prints make it more adaptable for casual and formal wear. For more information and details, please visit our website at 

Get Your Wardrobe Essentials

Standing by the closet and pondering which dress to pick is a task that takes up a significant time of every woman’s day. And if the contemplation is for an evening out, a business meeting or attending a party or a wedding, it takes double that time to choose the perfect outfit. However, what if you have the classiest collection and clothes for all occasions in your wardrobe?

CHANGE is a perfect place where you can acquire different apparel for women. Our most recent collection, which is quite stunning; also consists of spectacular designs and impressive cuts from various collections: The Luxury-Wear, Ready-to-Wear Shirts and Prêt . All of those come in different sizes and colors. 

CHANGE, established in 2007, is a modern fashion brand for women. The New Collection is full of work-wear and smart casuals. The brand is designed to be the stylish resource for the versatile mind-set; women who feel the need for a different dress for different occasions, that stretch from work to evening gatherings. Designed with feminine sensibility and refined fit, CHANGE emphasizes on fabric detail and fabric recital. Moreover, its competitive pricing has made it possible for all, with a sense of fashion, to adorn themselves in dazzling new designs and fashionable cuts, further creating a niche market for affordable fashion wear . Please visit to shop online.

Hacks To Amp Up Your Kurtis

If you are a fashion buff then Kurtis are a must in your wardrobe. It is intricately woven to enhance the feminine beauty, along with echoing our cultural heritage. It provides modest yet stylish looks and goes well with all kinds of occasions, ranging from formal to casual and in general as staple wear for the workplace. It adds to your personality and can easily become a fashion statement, tailored exclusively for you to flaunt.

Wearing kurtis every day might get tedious; therefore, pairing it up with different bottoms and accessories can really accentuate your look and uplift the mood. You may wear the kurti, pairing it the way you like. Plus here are a few suggestions from us. 

• Tightly fitted bottoms and a dupatta, which imparts glitz and dazzle, might sound cliche but looks gorgeous
• Team up the dress with classy embellished jewelry to look like a diva
• Pair it up with extending circular skirt, it gives an appeal of an Anarkali dress and can be worn during traditional as well as contemporary events
• Kurtis may also go well with the bottoms that are similar to leggings and are fitted to the shape of one's legs, called the churidar, offering ease of work
• Swanking plazo beneath a kurti is quite trendy; offering style & comfort at the same time
• Capri trousers can never go out of fashion, wearing it with short kurti will add a quirky essence to your look
• And how can one resist the combination of jeans and kurti; instantly adding swag to your look
• Bucking up the boyfriend jeans under your short kurti is a dapper look that one can carry. It is a form of flattery that none can resist

Kurtis always add a casual and ethnic touch to your apparel, therefore, keeping in mind the allure of the Kurti, CHANGE offers a range of long and short kurtis. We provide an entire range of trendy styles in fanciful fabrics, displaying a chic look to every event. 

Our kurtis are tailored in vivid styles and patterns, quality fabrics and designs that cater to your taste. You can acquire a wide range of stylish kurtis at CHANGE ranging from printed fashion kurtis to embroidered kurtis that look funky and inspire the artistic vibe.
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Adorn yourself this season with trendy cuts from CHANGE and with our exclusive range of ready to wear Kurti Collection. It is designed and made exactly how one would desire to look naturally chic. And hands down Kurti is the most comfortably chic attire one could ever put on.

Kurtis might be an eastern wear but now it’s trending in the West as well; their street-wear comprises of various styles of short Kurtis. Luckily, with Kurtis being exclusively Eastern Fashion, we in Pakistan have easy access to buy stylish ethnic Kurtis, both in stores and online from CHANGE Clothings, which specializes in Kurtis.

Explore the unique designs, feel the opulent comfort of the fabric and experiment with your look by letting CHANGE take charge of your wardrobe. We have a diverse range of vibrant Kurtis for all seasons. Our attention-grabbing prints make it more adaptable for casual and formal wear.

Our cuts and designs provide an essence of decency and sophistication. The best thing about our New Collection is that you can pair it up with anything and can create your own look without trying very hard. It makes you look fashionable but not too flashy. Elegant but not too formal; formal but not too casual. We are constantly striving to give it our best when it comes to bringing about a perfect blend of the traditional Sub-Continental attire and the chic western style statement.

Get absolute convenience with CHANGE, we have the variety of texture and colors that might catch your fancy, when you browse through the apparel feast that is laid out for you. We aim to provide you with all that you need to improve and upgrade your wardrobe.

For more information and details, please visit our website at

Choose How To Change

Nowadays the trend of online shopping is pretty hiked. Many working women, who have a busy schedule, buy Kurtis online since they don’t have time to get out of the house, and spend hours looking for something that compliments their style completely. 

Kurti is an amazing ethnic wear; it is a piece of clothing, which makes women attractive and stylish at the same time. One would feel very comfortable wearing it since it unfetters the body from those body-hugging dresses. It is an attire which does not restrict you to do anything. Therefore, one would never mind tending to their household chores or even taking a nap while dressed up in one. kurta can be worn on most occasions which, makes it a perfect fit for festive wear. However, buying a kurti can be a task, hence, the accessibility of shopping for clothes online can ease your life and can also help you browse amongst thousands of new designs, frequently being put up for sale. 

We at Change would like to make the task easier. If you are looking for the best Kurtis in town, then Change is the perfect site for you. It offers an adorable range of colorful and vibrant kurtis, their clothes are stylish and classy and fulfill the need for formal and casual wear both.

Change believes in designing clothes that becomes your favorite to adorn yourself with, and with the variety being offered you may never get tired of browsing through our online collection at:

Time to Freeze in this Breeze

Winter is around the corner and honestly it gets very cold for Karachites; and thankfully the season does not lasts long. This is a bittersweet truth of our countrymen/women and their relation with the weather condition. Whether you like the cold or prefer warmer conditions we all have to welcome it warm-heartedly and we must make sure to greet winter with suitable clothes. This is where CHANGE comes in to the picture.

Change Clothings has come up with exclusive designs for this winter season to compliment your style perfectly. We do realize that people tend to find clothes that are an extension of their personality therefore we have something for everyone. Butterfly sleeves, bell bottoms,and ruffles are back in vogue and seems like will go never out of fashion. The collection swanks class, elegance, and grace-ideal for casual and formal wear.

Say hello to this winter season with our stunning collection. So pull up your socks and grab your style on Happy winter and also, happy shopping.